How Vacuums Made This Car Fast 

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In 1970, Chaparral Racing changed the game in Can Am with the 2J "Sucker Car". It had the grip to literally blow the competition away...heh. Designer Jim Hall built a car that even Sir Jackie Stewart loved. it was a revolutionary new way to approach down force and if it waste for the McLaren teams complaints, we would have seen it race for many years. we take a look at the tech and engineering that made this car faster than anything else in the 1970 Can Am season. take a look, and find out just how much this car "Sucks".
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28 jul. 2020




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Jeff Schmidt
Jeff Schmidt Maand geleden
Hey Donut, you guys to the ground by creating a low pressure zone that helps to keep my rubber on the road of life.
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
you got me on the first part
Sandieboy9 default army
Curtis Upperman
Curtis Upperman Maand geleden
@Roope Siira because its funny and intellectual..why do you ask? Learn some skill Mr buzz kill
Yeeboi Yeetus
Yeeboi Yeetus Maand geleden
Epic Boomer Moments, I wanted to say that.
ZeprarexVII Maand geleden
they kinda suck since they blocked andre klebleyev after using his footage, still... it could be worse
no no
no no 2 dagen geleden
BROOO i have that car in Gran Turismo PSP
Harley Me
Harley Me 2 dagen geleden
ahh the sucker car.... made illegal shortly after its debut lol how to bend the rules and in turn break them completely
Adam Gądek
Adam Gądek 3 dagen geleden
I kinda want to see what the fastest possible vehicle is rn
Jintei Modding
Jintei Modding 4 dagen geleden
Picks 2J with economy tires Ah yes, shit
Readback_Correct 8 dagen geleden
14:40 DRS enabled, DRS enabled this lap!
Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness
m109 howitzer tank... that's not a tank, that a self-propelled gun that is a howitzer.
Marcello Gonçalves
Marcello Gonçalves 12 dagen geleden
Make a video about the brabhan bt46b
Tommy Vercetti
Tommy Vercetti 13 dagen geleden
Brabham was too OP once they used this 2J principle. Plus, the one who drove it was no other than Niki Lauda who won the race with BT46B
xt hydra
xt hydra 14 dagen geleden an hybrid jet engine behind the F1 cars would be cool tho... i think it's the "tech ingredient" youtube guy that made a video on a hybrid jet engine
Eric Hart
Eric Hart 15 dagen geleden
How do I add this to a c5 corvette? Any ideas?
My Dog Is Fat
My Dog Is Fat 16 dagen geleden
This feels like an alt for science garage. DUDE I’m not a scientist
Team SHIFT 20 dagen geleden
I'd love to hear your explain sprung vs unsprung weight. :)
Brad ൠ
Brad ൠ 22 dagen geleden
Bring Back Bids Barto @BidsBarto #BidsBarto
Mindful GP
Mindful GP 22 dagen geleden
I like this dude tbh
think twice
think twice 23 dagen geleden
4:08 just gonnaaaa send it
Aleksander Kysiak
Aleksander Kysiak 23 dagen geleden
2:37 Skip sponsor
SS! Chara
SS! Chara 24 dagen geleden
The absolute nightmare in grand turismo.
Black beast
Black beast 24 dagen geleden
They have these cars in Midland Tx in a museum
Sucy_Witch 26 dagen geleden
General electric also make turbine engines (very well known for boeing planes) and air-conditioning
Johnny buttons
Johnny buttons 28 dagen geleden
break it down!
Jordan Games/Vlogs
Jordan Games/Vlogs 28 dagen geleden
“Just gonna send it” Larry Enticer right there
SundaySpinsVinyl 28 dagen geleden
I swear back in the day you were the shit if you had a sony xplod boomboxes
CooljaNitez Games
CooljaNitez Games 28 dagen geleden
Sounds a lot like Mercedes in F1 right now. Everyone hates their car cuz their making the sport boring.
Muzhafar Faiz
Muzhafar Faiz Maand geleden
Should've gave the Brabham BT46B an honorary mention as it was used in F1 for a race before pulling out to avoid further controversy
Tom Kao
Tom Kao 29 dagen geleden
And one of those to the GMA T.50 as well.
Urizen Maand geleden
u wot m8
Ilya Zagorodnikov
Ilya Zagorodnikov Maand geleden
8:46 E46 M3 GTR from NFSMW
Nikita S. Komissarov
Nikita S. Komissarov Maand geleden
I remember playing Gran Turismo 4 back in 2006 when i was 10 y.o, struggling so hard to get this car. Man, it was worth it. Now, my PS2 is long gone and I play GT4 on my PC through the emulator. Five minutes ago (literally) finished El Capitan 200 miles, got Minolta and purchased 2J. Just like in the old days. 2J is the best.
Paulo Taveira
Paulo Taveira Maand geleden
Yes, break down the Lotus and Brabham aero, please!
casual08 Maand geleden
Dyson’s got a lotta potential with this design
michael roudybush
michael roudybush Maand geleden
A howitzer tank? Dafuq??
Ward Whitehead
Ward Whitehead Maand geleden
This was funny as well as informative. However, I do believe the Chaparral cars used a 2-speed (Powerglide) automatic trans rather than a 3-speed.
Al Qadr
Al Qadr Maand geleden
Wait wait wait, tech development stopped? Or i just guessed that this is a fundamentally normal but enhanced car at that time, with the nowadays/latest technology? .... I was just imaging the possibilities of this being a super ergonomic smart car, this car have so many mitigation, it seems safe and safer on slower speed, it might be too low for the road, turbine might be pointless for conventional, doesnt drift, but the flagshipness i feel when i see it, theres just no planned absolesence in it.
CristianoS522 Maand geleden
This was one of the most informative car videos I have ever seen.
ford gt lm spec ii race car
I like that car because its weird
0MindSwept0 Maand geleden
6:38 vs X2? Still wish we could see more of the car in action, I’m sure it would be fascinating
douglas quaid
douglas quaid Maand geleden
hey look! another white guy!
TankySpankyPaly1 Maand geleden
He sounds like the shame wizard from big mouth in the Surfshark sponser part
I have a dig bick
I have a dig bick Maand geleden
Nice job man
Mk4 Control
Mk4 Control Maand geleden
I tought 2jz for a second